Williams Memorial UMC



During the traditional school year, the preschool uses the DLM early childhood curriculum as a resource, which is published by McGraw-Hill/SRA. This is just a starting point for our Williams students. Our teachers have used this resource and others to develop a curriculum centered on language, math, science, social skills, music, art, Spanish and motor development through thematic units. A companion to the curriculum includes activities that focus on teaching children Christian concepts. Offering blessings before snacks and lunch are also part of each day. The preschool promotes the growth of each child’s basic Christian development during weekly chapel conducted by staff members of both Williams School and Williams Memorial UMC.

Mother's Day Out

Class time for Mother's Day Out includes free play in play space, music, outside play, snack time, art activities, lunch and rest time.


Preschool classes participate in all of the above as well as Chapel, circle time, learning centers and extensive fine motor skill development.

Class Structure

Classes are kept small, so that children receive individualized instruction.

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